Job and Locum

Aim: to provide job-seeking opportunities for PPA members

Object: unemployed PPA members (paid up members) who are qualified to practice pharmacy in Hong Kong

Method of Registration:
1. to register with the district luncheon coordinator
2. to register with Lei Po Tai, the person in-charge-of Job and Locum subgroup

Tel : 24765936

1. please provide us with your name, pharmacist registration no., phone no., and state if you are looking for permanent position or locum
2. then follows the verification of the identity of the candidate
3. a no. from the roster will be given to the candidate
4. candidate will be arranged for an interview with the person-in-charge of the pharmacy
5. before interview please check with Lei Po Tai with the following:
a. the current situation of the pharmacy in question
b. the current salary of the pharmacist
c. techniques used during the interview

Points to Note:
1. it is a first come first serve basis in the roster when arranging for the interview
2. it means giving up the right to any absentee from the interview and the candidate needs to reapply and follow the previous procedures
3. candidate who fails to fill the vacancy after the interview needs to reapply and follow the previous procedures
4. candidates are required to follow the above procedures to maintain a fair atmosphere to each others
5. information will be uploaded in PPA\’s website for members to check out and it will be updated periodically
6. the up-to-date information is subject to the conformation of Lei Po Tai.

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