18 Feb 2019

Dear PPA Members,

Re: Chinese New Year Greetings from the President

On behalf of The Practising Pharmacists Association of Hong Kong, we wish you a happy and healthy Chinese New Year of the Pig!

In the Chinese zodiac, the Pig is a symbol of good fortune, wealth, and prosperity. The Pig, in its natural habitat, is an animal that is very productive, intelligent, and friendly. They are caring, especially for their own kind, as we often see memorable scenes of a mother pig protecting and feeding her many young piglets which feel well cared for.

In the new year, the PPA will also be as productive as ever to continue to promote and protect the role and rights of all Practising pharmacists in Hong Kong. In the past year, much time and effort had been used to work with the government to better plan for the use of pharmacists manpower. The PPAHK has and will continue to express our serious concerns to the Chief Executive of Hong Kong SAR and the Secretary for Food and Health as well as the Pharmacy and Poisons Board of Hong Kong that pharmacists had been predicted to be in excess of manpower supply in the recent report issued by the Food and Health Bureau. The government had acknowledged the need to address this issue.

 To provide solutions to the potential excess of Pharmacist Manpower, the PPA will continue our momentum this year to lobby the government and stakeholders to adopt our plans for better utilisation of pharmacists manpower in Hong Kong. The plans to expand the roles of Pharmacists include the increase for dispensing and clinical Pharmacists

in the Hospital Authority, increase In Pharmacists roles in the Department of Health, in the Center for Health Protection, and the New District Health Centers. We will continue to promote our plans to implement new initiatives including public-private partnerships for enabling more prescriptions to be filled at community pharmacies, enabling pharmacists to be eligible to participate in the Elderly Health Voucher Scheme, and enabling qualified pharmacists to become immunisers to administer vaccines in out – reach programs.

Throughout the Government Policy address and budget consultations, the leaders of our government have been made much aware of the benefits of our above-mentioned proposals to better utilise pharmacists, particularly In view of the current shortage of medical and nursing manpower. The PPA will continue our frequent dialogue with decision makers in every occasion to realise our important plans to advance our profession for the benefit of the public.

Another important role of the PPA is to protect the rights of Pharmacists at the legislative level and to assist Pharmacists that may encounter legal emergencies during the course of their professional practice. The PPA is delighted to have invited new legal advisors to join and fortify the PPA legal team to provide urgent legal advice to our Members in need. The PPA Emergency Legal Services remain one of the most important and essential services to our Members. Please join our regular legal forums to be held this year to be better prepared to avoid common legal pitfalls in pharmacy practice. As the services are for PPA members only, please kindly ensure your membership status is updated to enjoy the services this year.

The PPA always encourage our Members to ” Work Hard and Play Hard ” and will continue to organise special and  intriguing social events for our Members and families. Please join our coming events to celebrate the Chinese New year including the ” PPA Night at the Chinese Opera ” and the Golden Pig Bowling Competition. Watch for our invitations to be sent to Members soon.
We would like to take the opportunity to thank our Members for supporting the PPA Movie Night ” Ant-Man 2″ and the PPA family Thanksgiving Seafood Buffet Dinner organised last year. It was amazing to see all your family Members come to support the PPA events.
As the PPA look forward into the future, pharmacists will need to become better prepared to capture the opportunities ahead. A new series of continuing professional education programs for pharmacists, which had been tailor-made from the results of the 2018 / 2019 PPAHK pharmacists survey on continuing professional development will be launched to better equip Practising pharmacists to maximise the opportunities of the future. The pharmacy and poisons board of Hong Kong would like to once again consult pharmacists and stakeholders on the professional development of pharmacists and the desirability and concerns for establishment of the concept of a pharmacy council in Hong Kong. The PPA will once again be consulting the views of our members during the course of the meetings with government.
The future of Pharmacists is ours to shape so let’s work together towards more success !
I would like to seek your helping hands to join me to express thanks to the hard work and dedicated support of the PPA General Council team, without whom the PPA could not have achieved so much in so little time in our endeavours to promote and protect pharmacists.
We are most grateful for their precious volunteer time and full commitment  to achieving our vision to ” make Hong Kong a better place ” even when difficulties and challenges come up time to time.
 We are also thankful to the government , to our professional partners , and to all our supporters for their generous support and trust to encourage the PPA to initiate bigger and better plans for the development of our pharmacy profession to improve the healthcare system.
Finally , I would like to thank all our PPA members for supporting our work to promote and protect all Practising Pharmacists In Hong Kong and

I look forward to your participation and support in our new Professional Development Programs and social activities this year.

Wishing you and your family a prosperous and productive Chinese New Year !

Yours faithfully,

Iris Chang



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